Setup your own Wiidia Center

Last week, Lifehacker posted instructions on how to turn a Wii into a wireless media center.

Wiidia Center

Not one to shy away from maximizing the utility of my gadgets (or a chance to geek-out), I couldn’t resist and tried it out over the weekend.

While definitely not perfect, the resulting Wiidia Center is quite impressive considering both the cost of the needed software (free – Windows-only; except if you count the required $5 Internet Channel for the Wii), and the simplicity of setup (about 10 minutes).

There are a few things to consider when doing this for yourself. One, do you have a new enough computer to efficiently run Orb (my P4, 2.6GHz machine can barely handle it)? Two, is your wireless signal strong enough where you Wii is setup? Finally, do you have enough media stored on your computer to make this worthwhile?

After following the easy-to-use Lh directions, you should have your Wiidia Center up and running in no time. The ability to stream music, movies, photos, and more from one room to the next is not new, however, the simplicity of accessing this content via the Wii is simple and convenient.

Video demo: My Wiidia Center