Reading blogs, the old fashion way

Feed Journal

Thanks to Feed Journal, you can turn any RSS feed (such as boilr’s) into your very own, customized, digital newspaper.

Once signed up, you can add any of your favorite websites’ or blogs’ feeds to your account. After setting a few options (such as “Use images” – didn’t work for me) and selecting which “sections” you want to print, simply click “Generate Newspaper” and voila – a PDF newspaper is instantly generated and available to read, print, save, or download.

On a day to day basis this may seem completely unnecessary (why not just glance over the feeds in your favorite RSS reader?), but if you are taking train/bus/shuttle to work, going on a trip, or simply miss reading words on paper (electronic or real), Feed Journal offers a free and easy RSS printing press service.

Here’s a sample: The Boilr Bizarre

(via Lifehacker)