All for one(Connect), and one(Connect) for all!

Yahoo! announced an upcoming mobile app today at the Mobile World Congress in Spain – oneConnect. The major appeal of this application is its ability to consolidate just about every IM and social network into one place.

Yahoo! oneConnect

Users will be able to send messages to contacts across a wide variety of sites including Facebook and Myspace as well as IM clients, including AIM and gTalk. Most importantly, oneConnet will save text and IM messages as a single thread, regardless of which site or program each person is communicating through.

This is extremely useful in that it allows friends, colleagues, or whoever to keep track of conversations that would normally be spread across multiple sources in one, easy to keep track of application. Not only will communication be consolidated, but the mobile app will also converge updates from all of these individual services.

As a user of Facebook, LinkedIn, AIM, gTalk, and sometimes other social and communications tools, oneConnect sounds like a (mobile) dream come true.

(via TechCrunch)