Enhanced image browsing with PicLens


PicLens has been around since at least last August. However, with the recent addition of a WordPress plugin (official | enhanced), this already terrific Firefox plugin just made my photo site, xploration.org, and a growing list of other online photo sites (Flickr, Picasa Web Albums, Facebook, MySpace, Google Images, etc) a lot more interesting.

This free software enables photographers and web developers to add an easy, attractive, and effective method to display their work online.

After installing this Firefox add-on, a little blue & white play button will appear after mousing over images on participating websites. By clicking play, a full screen photo slideshow is automatically rendered giving users a number of novel ways to view and explore images.

Although originally an exclusive add-on for Mozilla’s Firefox, PicLens is now available on Firefox (Windows), Firefox (Mac), Internet Explorer and Safari.