Less printing = more trees, more $$

I just stumbled across GreenPrint. The company aims to reduce the amount of wasted paper and ink by allowing users (currently Windows only) to send each print job through its GreenPrint World software.

GreenPrint World

The standalone program was recently released as freeware for home (non-commercial) users. After a quick installation, GreenPrint will appear as one of the “printer” options when selecting print in any application. Once a user has selected GreenPrint, a preview of what would normally print out is displayed; this is where the software attempts to reduce paper and ink by allowing the user to eliminate unwanted pages as well as certain text and images.

The idea of GreenPrint is very respectable. In practice, the software is a tad slow (apparently because one of the perks of purchasing the ad-free version is faster performance) but operates as advertised. It might take some patience and small adjustment to reviewing each and every print job, but, in the end, saving paper and ink ultimately cuts down on costs and environmental impact.

(via Crave)