Smartphones – what a novel idea!?

This past Tuesday, the USPTO issued a patent for a “Mobile entertainment and communication device.”


As a student of intellectual property (disclaimer: I’ve yet to take a proper course in Patents), this new patent seems extremely suspect. One of the fundamental elements in obtaining a patent is that the invention be novel.

Through the strenuous process of deduction, the grant of this patent implies that the USPTO believes that the concept of a Smartphone was not known before the patent application was filed back on November 20, 2003. Hard to believe…

Meanwhile, as soon as the patent was issued, the receiving company initiated 3 separate lawsuits against just about every known “mobile entertainment and communication device” manufacturer out there. Not that I am a staunch supporter of major corporations making billions of dollars off of consumers through the endless release of mediocre mobile devices, but this patent still leaves a bad taste in my (IP studying) mouth.

(via Slashdot | Techdirt)