Throw away your television (provider)

Throw away your televisionAs pointed out on numerous blogs and new media sites, the continuing Writers Guild of America strike may represent a tipping point in the future of TV (in America) as we know it.

With online media outlets springing up like weeds, more and more people turn to the web to catch their favorite shows. It seems like a natural and somewhat obvious progression of today’s marketplace.

With the popularity of time (DVRs) and place-shifting (Slingbox) devices on the rise coinciding with faster broadband connections (wired and wireless) and more efficient video compression options, webTV is definitely here to stay. As the line between computer monitors and TV displays continues to blur (see iMac, XPS One) and more consumers use their computers as media servers/hubs, the reliance on “traditional” TV viewership will no doubt continue to wane.

For more on some of the available IPTV options, be sure to check out these two (somewhat overlapping) lists: USA Today | PC World

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