Not light as (MacBook) Air?

MacBook Air

Today was the last day of Macworld 2008. A couple of friends and I headed down to the Moscone Center to catch a glimpse of Apple’s latest device, the MacBook Air.

My overall impression of the MBA is mixed. On the one hand, the design and build quality are definitely impressive. However, after spending some 10 minutes with the Air, I was not impressed with its weight.

At 3lbs, the MBA actually felt quite heavy considering the laptop’s extremely thin design…

On a positive note, the LED backlit screen was very sharp and the MagSafe magnetic power adapter worked like a charm.

In the end, I left the convention feeling rather neutral about the MacBook Air. Apple definitely sacrificed a bit of functionality for the sake of design, but thats old news by now.

While Apple fanboys and girls will almost assuredly make the “world’s thinnest laptop” a hit, I’d probably opt for a Toshiba Portege R500 if I were in the market for an ultra-portable. At under 2lbs with a built-in optical drive and LED backlit screen, the Portege seems like a better compromise where portability and overall functionality are concerned.

Macworld 2008: MacBook Air photos