Pass the (Startup) Schwag

Wait, what are you talking about ? I’m talkin’ about free sh*t stuff that companies give away to promote their products and services…essentially gratuitous marketing materials.

Startup Schwag

For $14.95/month (+ s/h), Startup Schwag will send members a web 2.0 startup company-related t-shirt (along with other [email protected] like stickers and buttons) every month. According to the company’s website:

Startup Schwag™ was launched in early September 2007 to fill the void left by Valley Schwag’s departure. I like schwag. I know I’m not alone. I wear logo shirts, event shirts, like they were band t-shirts. I get strange looks wearing my shirt around people who don’t know what it means. I don’t care. It’s web culture.

I am generally a huge fan of novelty t-shirts and would probably be happy to join such a service. However, $15+ a month seems awfully steep for the average netizen trying to get his/her intergeek on…If the price drops to $4.99, count me in!

(via TechCrunch)