Charlie Wilson’s War

My family has 2 traditions for X-Mas: going to the movies and eating Chinese food.

This year was no exception; we saw Charlie Wilson’s War. The movie portrays the story of a little known Texas Congressman (Charlie Wilson), played by Tom Hanks, who almost single-handedly ended Russia’s attempt to seize Afghanistan.

Charlie Wilson’s War

Written by one of the head writers from The West Wing, the movie has solid dialogue, some witty humor, and is very well put together.

While I’m not the biggest fan of Julia Roberts, she seemed right at home playing the 6th richest woman in Texas. Philip Seymour Hoffman, portraying a frustrated CIA operative, delivered the best acting job while his character was assisting Wilson in implementing and succeeding in one of the largest covert wars on public record.

In the end, the movie delivers an entertaining and somewhat informative depiction of specific Cold War events that unfolded behind the scenes.