HD YouTube killer?

While surfing the web tonight, I was thinking to myself…”Why isn’t there a high definition YouTube-like service available yet?” After a quick G-search, I came across an old WIRED blog post about Azureus’ new site, Zudeo, a “high definition, DVD-quality video on the internet” service.

9 months later, the site has been renamed, Vuze. My initial impression is that the site/service definitely has potential. However, major short-cominga (in my eyes) include the required software download as well as the need to download the actual video files themselves. Currently, Vuze offers both free and “premium” (paid-for) content.


The idea of free and on demand HD programming over the web is extremely exciting. However, until this HD content can be streamed online (and in turn “beamed” over home networks), there is no real draw over DVDs, high def DVDs, or even cable/satellite HD programming.

Nonetheless, definitely a step in the right direction…