Ristorante Milano

MilanLast night, we ate at one of the highest (Yelp) rated Italian restaurants in San Francisco, Ristorante Milano.

Located in Nob Hill, this surprisingly little joint served up some of the best Italian cuisine I’ve had in SF.

Starting with our appetizers (Caprese salad and mixed Bruschetta), continuing through our entrees (a variety of pasta dishes and fish), and finishing with the desserts (tiramisu and a baked peach w/vanilla bean gelato), all of the food was fresh, full of flavor, and true to its Italian heritage.

The atmosphere was cozy, but somewhat noisy. While we had a few issues with dishes coming out staggered and late, the quality and flavor of the food made up for whatever other shortcomings there were. While parking was not necessarily a snap, it was far easier than trying to park in North Beach, and over all, the food was superior to all of the North Beach places I have tried.

I definitely recommend Ristorante Milano, but suggest getting a reservation ahead of time.