The power of the Dark Side

Darth VaderEvery once in a while, I get rather frustrated with M$’s lack of style and GUI options (usually after watching friends play on their macs or linux machines). After doing a little research on the “interwebs,” I came across a rather simple, but somewhat dramatic alteration for Windows XP users.

Have you ever said to yourself, “man…I wish I could have a more stylish taskbar“? Well, it turns out you are in luck. Say hello to Royale Noir. This quick and simple “hack” transforms your boring old taskbar (be it blue, green, or silver) into a sleek androyale noir powerful “dark” force.” Ok, ok…it doesn’t really do all that much, but it does add an element of class to an otherwise boring M$ interface. Best of all, since it was actually developed by M$, it is relatively “safe” and does not require an intrusive installation.

Simply dl the file here, and follow the directions on that website…Viola!

You don’t know the power of the dark side!