Rock the Bells – SF

Rock the Bells

Rock the Bells 2007 – San Francisco was an exciting and entertaining hip-hop festival. For someone like me, who enjoys good hip-hop, but isn’t generally all that “into it,” I was definitely impressed with the quality of music played.

The Roots

My highlights included: Sage Francis getting down (and do some silly dancing); The Roots are incredible musicians and played a great set; seeing Public Enemy, the combo of Chuck D laying it down and Flava Flav acting like a fool; Hieroglyphics was probably the most impressive act (that I’d never really heard beforehand); Wu-Tang Clan performed a solid set, including an appearance by Redman; and last, but certainly not least, Rage Against the Machine played an extremely impressive, crowd-jerking, thought-provoking performance to close out the night.

For more, see: SF Chronicle, SJMN review, RTB official site, and my RATM video highlights after the break.