Virgin Festival – Baltimore, MD

Virgin FestivalIn spite of the 100+ degree temperature, the 1st day of the Virgin Festival at the Pimlico Race Course in Baltimore, MD was great.

We saw half of the Incubus set (Garber’s “guilty pleasure”), all of Ben Harper & The Innocent Criminals, all of the Beastie Boys, the first 30+ minutes of The Police (+ Roxanne), and the majority of the Modest Mouse set.Ben Harper - Virgin Festival

Ben Harper’s performance was solid; the B-Boys were still impressive (now in their 40’s); The Police seemed pretty well rehearsed and at least enjoyable; and Modest Mouse played a great set.

One of the more revealing moments of the night was watching a huge number of attendees (including ourselves) leave The Police set to make it over to see Modest Mouse (pictured below)…

Modest Mouse

All in all, I was really impressed with the festival organizers. Everything from grabbing a beer to walking between stages to using the port-o-potties was hassle free. According to Sting, there were roughly 35,000+ people in attendance.
Check out the V Fest – Pimlico – Day 1 lineup here >>>