Monthly archives: July, 2007

Wunder Brewing Co. – 1st impression

Its been 3 months since Eldo’s closed and finally a new micro-brewery has opened in the same space. Wunder Brewing Company opened on July 5, 2007. The Wunder Brewing Company originally started in 1898 and disappeared for the most part after the 1906 earthquake.

On only the second day of business, Wunder is heading …

Knocked Up

After The 40 Year Old Virgin, I had some reasonable expectations going into Knocked Up. In the end, I liked it – didn’t love it.

The movie was pretty funny and generally enjoyable to watch; decent acting and semi-believable characters. There was a bit too much of a “love story” intertwined with the …

Wii like the iPhone

Last night, I was hanging out with some friends, playing Wii sports and conducting some more “testing” on the iPhone. Let me start off by making this proclamation: Wii might be the single greatest video game entertainment system of all time (and I think I want an iPhone – just not yet). Really? you ask …

The future of cars?!

Audi has apparently created a system that mimics different vehicle makes and models with it’s own A8 prototype.

I’ll take a Tesla Roadster, DB9 cabrio, H1, Smart car combo please!

(source: autoblog)


Alright…I tried my best not to mention the phone, but then I found myself next to an AT&T store and couldn’t help myself.

The iPhone is off to a good start. I’ll definitely give them that. The size is very slim and pocketable, not too heavy, and feels solid. The screen is clear and easy to …