Back from Springfield

The Simpsons MovieThe Simpsons Movie was great! Really entertaining and funny. I tried to start this post with some witty or comical line, but with all due respect to Matt Groening and company, I have to give credit where credit is due.

Instead of “trying too hard” or “going too big” the movie feels right at home as the longest single episode of The Simpsons to date. For 90 minutes, the lovable characters of Springfield, ? carry a simple and familiar plot-line: Homer jeopardizes the town, his marriage, and his family.

For the first time, fans are able to enjoy the Simpsons’ universe as it has always deserved to be seen, in glorious 16:9 cinematic widescreen. The animation is crisp and vibrant; the characters’ mannerisms and voices are spot on. Luckily, all of the original cast participated in the movie bringing both the authenticity and legitimacy that is often missing in television-to-movie adaptations.

Like any good episode, I look forward to seeing this one syndicated over and over again for years to come…