Wii like the iPhone

Last night, I was hanging out with some friends, playing Wii sports and conducting some more “testing” on the iPhone. Let me start off by making this proclamation: Wii might be the single greatest video game entertainment system of all time (and I think I want an iPhone – just not yet). Really? you ask yourselves. Yup.

WiiUnlike the “other” new systems, the Wii’s fun to difficultly ratio is fantastic. It takes all of a few minutes to feel comfortable hitting a tennis ball, bowling, batting in a baseball game, exploring Paper Mario’s world, or even participating in a cooking challenge (not to mention the ability to download and play NES, SNES, Genesis, and other classic systems’ games through the virtual console). The actual game play is so easy and enjoyable, you don’t even notice or care about how “cutting-edge” the graphics may (or may not) be. Instead of sitting idly moving your fingers only, the Wii requires you to get out of your seat and actively engage whatever game you happen to be playing. This is both more satisfying for a non-gamer such as myself, and much more of a social activity.iPhon

On the flipside, when I was not watching my friends create their own Miis or burn a pasta dish (playing Cooking Mama: Cook Off), I had a solid 30 minutes of time with the iPhone. I am not going to get into any more detail here about specs or features, but I just had to admit (to myself) that the phone (on WiFi) works really well and for a tech-geek such as myself, is really fun. The phone is a hit with all of my friends (Apple luvrs and h8rs alike!).

Thanks AZ!