Alright…I tried my best not to mention the phone, but then I found myself next to an AT&T store and couldn’t help myself.

iPhoneThe iPhone is off to a good start. I’ll definitely give them that. The size is very slim and pocketable, not too heavy, and feels solid. The screen is clear and easy to read, with a nice icon interface. During my brief experience “testing” the device, I thought the touch screen controls were mostly easy and accurate, with a few commands taking longer than others.

More technical details here.

Overall, the phone pretty much lives up to much of the crazy hype that came with it’s launch. It is not perfect; EDGE is almost unusable from my 5 minutes on it (EDGE is far below the hardware’s capability; a better service is available from AT&T). It has a definite appeal to a wide audience of users…but then there is the cost.

4GB – $499 + monthly data plan ($60-100/mth); 8GB – $599 + monthly data plan ($60-100/mth)

It’s nice piece of equipment, but condisering big A is making between $300-$379 per unit, depending on GB (see also here), I think I can wait…for v2 or 3+. Not to mention, there are no real options for software or memory expansion at this point.

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