Month: July 2007

Back from Springfield

The Simpsons Movie was great! Really entertaining and funny. I tried to start this post with some witty or comical line, but with all due respect to Matt Groening and company, I have to give credit where credit is due.
Instead of “trying too hard” or “going too big” the movie feels right at home as …

To infinity and beyond!

The future is here! Apparently we are on the verge of being able to buy “cars” like the Jetsons. Check out this story over at Engadget. For more fun, click here.
(yes, I know the title of this post refers to Toy Story’s Buzz Lightyear and not the Jetsons…so sue me)

Ooma Gawd!

What would you say if I told you that you could pay a one time fee of $399 and never have to pay for domestic phone service (from your home) again? You might respond, (in true Chris Farley fashion) Oh my god!
Well friends, it looks like that day is upon us. A “new” Silicon …

Firefox 3-D: no glasses required

Microsoft’s latest OS, Windows Vista, sports a new 3-D user-interface, Aero.
Ubuntu Linux trumps MS with its more sophisticated 3-D interface, Beryl.
Now Firefox is joining in the fun via Tab Effect.
This add-on does not offer much in the way of improved functionality, but rather adds a fun 3-D rotation when switching between tabs. Although still in …

Help us 700MHz, you’re our only hope

In the same way that Princess Leia pleaded with Obi-Wan Kenobi to help her and the rebels in their fight against the evil Empire, a “new” battle is brewing around the cell phone industry.The FCC is set to auction off the 700MHz spectrum (currently the analog TV frequency) to the highest bidder sometime in early …


According to the Wall Street Journal, weblogs (a.k.a. “blogs”) are approaching their 10 year anniversary.
As an amateur/personal blogger, I am obviously interested in what blogs represent. Freedom of speech, thought, and opinion; blogs provide netizens around the world a platform to discuss anything and everything.
I know many people who think blogs are worthless…more power …

The last of the Ocean[‘]s?

Ocean’s 11 was a fun and entertaining remake of the original Rat-pack movie. Ocean’s 12 took the gang over seas for another, somewhat recycled, but still enjoyable movie about a bunch of quirky criminal associates succeeding in a seemingly impossible heist.
Luckily, Ocean’s 13 was no Matrix Revolutions. Being the 3rd movie, I was …

Radiohead is making progress

The highly anticipated new album from Radiohead (LP7) appears to be on its way to completion. As reported on At Ease (a fantastic RH blog), the band is in NYC mastering their new record.
The band featured a number of the tracks that are guesstimated to appear on LP7 during their last 2006 tour. …

Time to move to Sweden

A 75 year old woman in Sweden is the proud new record holder for the fastest residential internet connection in the world.
“[She] will now be able to enjoy 1,500 high definition HDTV channels simultaneously. Or, if there is nothing worth watching there, she will be able to download a full high definition DVD in just …

Lets get this (solar) party started!

California is one of, if not the most, environmentally progressive states in the Union. This is not about politics (well, at least this post isn’t), but more about being realistic and taking steps to help slow down (and eventually eliminate) the global warming problem.
A privately held, SF-based company, Cleantech America, is funding a new project …