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iPad-ify your WordPress site (for free) with Onswipe

Got a WordPress-powered site? Chances are, it’s not optimized for viewing/consuming on the world’s (current) tablet of choice – iPad.
Have no fear…Onswipe is here. With the installation of a single WordPress plugin, you can transform your site into a tablet-friendly, swipeable experience.
While there are relatively few options — Cover Display, Cover Logo, Launch …


How-to: Setup your own Twitter photo site with WordPress

There are plenty of capable third-party services that make uploading and sharing mobile photos simple and easy, such as Twitpic, yfrog, and Flickr, to name a few. But what if you want more control over how the content is displayed, and perhaps more importantly, where and how the images are stored (i.e. control over your …


ID and block hotlinks in WordPress with PictPocket

If you have a blog/site with lots of images on it, chances are someone is hotlinking to them. What is hotlinking, you ask? Good question.
According to the all-knowing Wikipedia:
Inline linking (also known as hotlinking, leeching, piggy-backing, direct linking, offsite image grabs and bandwidth theft) is the use of a linked object, often an image, from …


How-To: Add dynamically scaling columns to your site

So, you’ve got a spiffy (say, WordPress-powered) website with great content and a generally satisfying layout. Only problem is, you can’t seem to get your side menu (and/or various other columns) to lineup vertically with your main content area. Happens to the best of us.
Having all the columns on be of equal length adds a …


How-to: Repair and Optimize your WordPress database

I got some helpful advice from my hosting company (of all places) with regards to making Boilr (this WordPress powered site) a bit quicker on its toes.
Since I am already using the great WP-Cache plugin (not WP-SuperCache as it interferes with some of the “real-time” plugins I’ve got enabled), I was looking for another …


Read lots of blogs? Love to comment? Get a gravatar.

This post is for all you avid blog readers/consumers out there. If you follow more than one blog and find yourself leaving comments fairly regularly, than it’s high time you got yourself a globally recognized avatar (g-r-avatar).
This isn’t some online gaming thing or a geeks-only practice…times have changed. Having a gravatar is an effective way …


Google Gears + WP image uploader = Firefox crash?

After a few frustrating days of having the WordPress (flash) file uploader crash Firefox on every attempt, I finally stumbled across a (hopefully short-term) solution: disabling the Firefox Google Gears extension.
Anyone who is running a self-hosted WordPress or WordPress.com blog and has installed Google Gears to enable / use WordPress’ Turbo feature should be aware …


Learn more about your site w/ WordPress.com Stats

For anyone who runs a self-hosted WordPress site/blog/CMS, Automattic’s WordPress.com Stats is an invaluable plugin. It does exactly what its name implies – maintains statistics about your site.
When used in conjunction with the aptly named WordPress.com Stats Helper plugin (not by Automattic), you can present the info on your public-facing pages, such as displaying …


Good? There’s plenty more where that came from…

What’s better than stumbling across a (random) blog post that you really enjoyed or was exceedingly helpful or that simply whet your inquisitive appetite? More of the same, that’s what!
Thanks to the awesomeness that is WordPress and the useful code (and help) from 3mind, Boilr proudly presents its latest upgrade – Related Posts. (note: a …


iApps: WordPress for iPhone v1.2 includes many anticipated updates

Version 1.2 of Automattic’s WordPress for iPhone (and iPod touch) popped up in the App Store updates section earlier today.
For anyone who uses the WordPress blogging platform and an iPhone / iPod touch, this new version brings invaluable features to the table (er, touch screen) including:

Landscape mode with “extra wide keyboard”
Link creation help
Support for editing …