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Western Digital alienates existing WD TV Live customers, confuses potential consumers with its new ‘Plus’ model

I’m all for companies iterating and releasing new products with slight upgrades. I also completely understand that slightly older models will soon after be left in the dust. It’s called planned obsolescence. Apple and other successful gadget companies have taken this strategy to heart and made a killing from it. However, there is always a …


WD TV Live: 1.02.21 firmware update now available

Western Digital has released a new firmware update – 1.02.21 – for the WD TV Live.
According to the official release notes (PDF), the 1.02.21 update includes:

Added Play To support for Microsoft Windows 7.
Added external subtitle location options (Up/Down arrows).
Added larger subtitle font size options.
Added Western European language input for keyboard.
Added serial and part number …


WD TV Live: 1.02.14 prerelease firmware update now available

Well, what have we got here?! A new prerelease firmware update for the WD TV Live, that’s what. WD was pretty fond of releasing these “prerelease” updates for the older WD TV, and with 1.02.14, the new WD TV Live has joined in on the official unofficial firmware update fun!
And by fun, I mean lots …


WD TV Live: 1.01.24 firmware update now available

Western Digital has released a new firmware update – 1.01.24 – for the WD TV Live just a couple days shy of a month since the last release.
According to the official release notes (PDF), the 1.01.24 update includes:

Implemented add to playlist feature in YouTube.
Added Save search queries to save users time in …


WD TV Live: 1.01.17 firmware update now available

After last month’s firmware debacle (if you missed it, than disregard that and be glad), news of the latest official firmware update – 1.01.17 – for the WD TV Live is music to WD TV Live owners’ ears.
According to the official release notes (PDF), the 1.01.17 update:
Improves the reliability of the WD TV Live …


WD TV Live: 1.01.11 firmware update now available

The first official firmware update – 1.01.11 – for the new WD TV Live is now available for download. Unlike the older WD TV, the Live can download and install updates directly over Wi-Fi or ethernet connections.
According to the official release notes (PDF), the 1.01.11 update brings a number of new features (mostly minor) and …


New ‘WD TV Live’ HD Media Player model announced

One of my favorite gadgets of all time, the WD TV, has just moved down a spot to second in rank behind the newly announced WD TV Live HD media player. In a nutshell, the WD TV Live brings highly anticipated Internet and network connectivity to Western Digital’s expanding HD media player family. For more …