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LaCie gets literal, makes actual USB key drive

LaCie, known for its somewhat unusual digital storage designs, has released one of the most practical products I’ve seen in quite a long time – a USB flash drive in the shape of a key.
I mean, if you’re gonna tote a flash drive around on your key chain anyways, why not make it a bit …


USB hubs from a galaxy far, far away….

While searching for a possible new USB hub, I stumbled across these novelties from ThinkGeek:Darth Vader USB Hub | R2-D2 USB Hub.
As a lifelong fan of Star Wars (and clearly a geek myself; have you read Boilr before?) I couldn’t help myself from posting these hubs, even though they each respectively cost more than a …


When all else fails…

Probably the most [email protected]@$$ USB hub out there – the USB Doomsday Device Hub has “three levels of failsafe protection” (and 4 USB 2.0 ports).
If sh*t hits the fan, flip the 2 switches, insert and turn your authorized key, and push the glowing red button. What happens next is anyones guess…
(available @ ThinkGeek)


Star Wars: Flash Drives Strike Back

This is easily one of the best flash drive, I mean mimobot, collections on the market; assuming there even is a market…
(via CrunchGear | mimoco)