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Tough decision: Tesla Model S v. Aston Martin Rapide

Ok, so maybe its not fair (or appropriate) to compare an electric $50k 4-door sports sedan with a $200k 4-door super car…but hey, that’s what the Interwebs are for, right? The Tesla Model S (above) is expected to achieve 0-60mph in 5.5-6 seconds,1 while the Aston Martin Rapide (below) will supposedly reach the same milestone …


Ready, Set, Tesla Roadster

Tesla Motors is set to begin production on its long-awaited Roadster on March 17, 2008. The initial batch of Roadsters will be slightly less than perfect, sporting a work-around transmission, increasing the all-electric sports car’s 0-60 time from 4 seconds to 5.7 seconds.
Tesla is promising to retrofit earlier cars at no cost once it’s …