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Droid Incredible by HTC appears on video, looks impressive

A quick video of the upcoming Droid Incredible by HTC in action, captured at the 99% Conference in NYC this past week, has just popped up online. The walk-through was given by a HTC employee and man does this thing fly. Even through this mediocre video the display looks fantastic and the responsiveness can only …


Seeing Red: VZW’s rumored HTC Incredible v. Nexus One

Since the Nexus One was first revealed back in January, everyone has been wondering when it will hit Verizon Wireless. In the meantime, rumors of another VZW Android powerhouse device, the HTC Incredible, have been circulating far and wide across the web. Here is a side-by-side comparison of the rumored specs for each of Big …


Smartphones – what a novel idea!?

This past Tuesday, the USPTO issued a patent for a “Mobile entertainment and communication device.”

As a student of intellectual property (disclaimer: I’ve yet to take a proper course in Patents), this new patent seems extremely suspect. One of the fundamental elements in obtaining a patent is that the invention be novel.
Through the strenuous process …