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Photo of the Day: A King of the Masai Mara

A King of the Masai MaraMasai Mara, Kenya • August 2008 • Nikon D60

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Video of the Day: Elephants roaming Samburu, Kenya

Amazing African elephants roaming Samburu National Reserve, Kenya
Thanks to YouTube’s recently improved HD capabilities, I can now more easily upload and share some of the high definition video I captured during my trip to Kenya last August (2008). Enjoy!



Photos of the Day: A Pair of White Rhinos

A Pair of White RhinosSweetwaters, Kenya • August 2008 • Nikon D60

Photo of the Day: Hot Air Balloon Rising

Hot Air Balloon RisingMasai Mara, Kenya • August 10, 2008 • Nikon D60


Photo of the Day: Giraffe Family Silhouette

Giraffe Family SilhouetteMasai Mara, Kenya • August 10, 2008 • Nikon D60


Photo of the Day: Crimson Mound in the Distance

Crimson (termite) Mound in the DistanceSamburu, Kenya • August 6, 2008 • Nikon D60

sunrise in samburu

Photo of the Day: Sunrise in Samburu

Sunrise in SamburuSamburu, Kenya • August 6, 2008 • Nikon D60


Photos of the Day: Elusive Leopard Perched in a Tree

Magnificent & Elusive Chui (Swahili for leopard) Perched in a TreeMasai Mara, Kenya • August 1999 • Nikon N70 (35mm B/W film)


Text messaging elephants

Private Kenyan animal reserve – Ol Pejeta Conservancy – has turned to text messaging in an effort to prevent elephants from damaging surrounding property and to keep the animals safe.
By creating a virtual GPS fence around the reserve’s borders, the rangers are able to monitor elephants’ locations via gEarth with mobile SIM cards embedded in …


Kenya Safari 2008 photos are up!

Photo highlights from my (incredibly amazing) honeymoon safari in Kenya are up!