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Update HTC Droid Incredible to latest Gingerbread (4.08.605.2)

If you own a HTC Droid Incredible and have had (major) issues updating your device to Gingerbread, you’re definitely not alone.
As previously noted, Verizon/HTC tried to roll-out Gingerbread (Android 2.3) to the original Incredible a few months back only to end up pulling it due to bugs. Then, last week, they tried again with a …


HTC Incredible Gingerbread update halted, being “enhanced”

UPDATE: New Gingerbread OTA update is available, isn’t easy to install.

Several weeks ago, Verizon began rolling out an OTA Gingerbread (Android 2.3) update for the HTC Droid Incredible. While many received the update, I never did…and now I finally have some insight into what happened.
After calling Verizon and being told that I would get the …


Inspired by nature: Protect your Droid Incredible with a shell

Previously, I wrote about how much I liked Verizon’s generic silicone case for the HTC Droid Incredible. I stand by that post, but I’ve also found a worthy replacement – the HTC Droid Incredible Shell Holster Combo.
I’m not one to use a phone holster (more on that later), but the sub-$10 shell/holster combo is a …


Tracking the official VZW HTC Droid Incredible OTA update

Whereas last time proved to be pure BS, this time…the update is for real. Yet, it still seems to be taking VZW what feels like forever to push the over-the-air to Droid Incredibles all across the ol’ U S of A.
So what gives? Well, not much really. The following collection of official VZW Support Tweets …


Tracking the Droid Incredible OTA update rumors [UPDATED]

Update: It sounds like the rumored OTA might have been pulled and will be replaced with…Android 2.2 (Froyo) and other awesome goodies, all wrapped up in one update coming supposedly in August! (via: BGR / AndroidCentral)

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21 (free) Android apps to maximize your HTC Droid Incredible

The HTC Droid Incredible is a great Android (currently 2.1) device made even better with the inclusion of the HTC Sense interface and its related apps and widgets. Nonetheless, there are plenty of apps (something like 50K are available from the Android Market right now) out there to make the iDroid more useful and fun.
Listed …


How-to: Get better battery life from your HTC Droid Incredible

IMHO, the HTC Droid Incredible is the Android device to beat, for the time being. Despite having a smaller display (albeit with the same resolution), no kickstand, and no 4G in comparison to Sprint’s new HTC Evo, the Droid Incredible shares the same 1GHz Snapdragon processor, 8MP camera, and Android 2.1, to name a few …


3 Free Apps to Make Your Android Photos More Incredible

I’m not talking about improving your photos of Androids, but rather the photos taken with your Android device. With over 50K apps and counting available in the ever-expanding Android Market, there is no shortage of options for camera-related apps. That said, I’ve come across three particularly useful and fun Android apps to make your regular …


Arm your Droid Incredible for battle with VZW’s silicone case

Let’s be honest. The HTC Droid Incredible is, well, pretty incredible. It’s quick as a whip, has a beautiful, highly sensitive touch display, and it takes pretty solid photos, among other things. It is also not cheap.

Although you can grab an Incredible (whenever they become available again – currently VZW’s site says June 4) for …


How-to: Get Google Earth on your HTC Incredible

Update: Not sure when it showed up, but Google Earth now appears in the Android Market. If you followed the directions below (or elsewhere) to install Google Earth on your Droid Incredible, you will most likely need to uninstall the unofficial version before installing the official version from the Market.
So you just got yourself …