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Moto X: The pocketwatch of smartphones

Having originally dismissed the Moto X when it came out, I unexpectedly found myself considering Motorola’s recent Cyber Monday deal. For $349 (30% off the usual $499) unlocked and off-contract, the idea of keeping my unlimited data plan and maintaining my upgrade eligibility on Verizon without signing a new contract became very intriguing. Not to …


How-To: Combine ‘Phone’ and ‘Google’ Contacts on Android

If you’re like me, you didn’t realize that adding new contacts to your Android device under ‘Phone’ would come back to haunt you should you lose your phone or change to a different device. Luckily, despite all my failed attempts in the past, it turns out there is a pretty easy way to combine ‘phone’ …


Hey Google: Native Android screenshots are WAY overdue

Dear Google / Android team:
I’m a huge proponent of the Android platform. Generally speaking, I’ve been very impressed with the development and evolution of the Android mobile operating system over the past couple years. That is, except for one thing – the inexplicable inability to capture screenshots without rooting an Android device.
WTF. To borrow …


How-to: Sync Google Calendar with iPod touch / iPhone [UPDATE]

Update (Feb. 13, 2009): To sync multiple calendars, go to m.google.com/sync on your iPod touch/iPhone and select additional calendars to sync.
Last September, I posted How to: Sync Google Calendar with iPod touch/iPhone in which I explained how to use the free NuevaSync service to sync Google Calendars (and contacts) with your iDevice. That post has …


The Cloud Command Center expands

SMS might have been delayed, but that didn’t stop Google from launching Gmail voice and video chat today.
Since Gmail’s inception 4+ yrs ago, Google has been pretty slow in bringing new functionality to its webmail…until recently.  Over the past several weeks however, Gmail has transformed into a versatile communications platform, centralizing the ability to interact …


The Cloud Command Center Redux

Update: Looks like everyone jumped the gun 🙁 . According to the official Gmail blog, this feature has been pulled due to bugs…should be back in “2 weeks” or so…
Only a few days since adding direct access to calendars and documents, Gmail Labs is rolling out yet another ‘experimental’ add-on – the ability to send …


The Cloud Command Center

The recent addition of gCal and gDocs gadgets to Gmail Labs effectively turns this incredibly popular webmail app into a true Cloud Command Center – complete with email, instant messaging, calendaring, and document viewing.
When combined with other Gmail “experiments” (i.e. right-side chat), users are able to reconfigure Gmail to better take advantage of these new …


Drive a virtual Smart car around gEarth

While searching for a way to incorporate an interactive globe into xploration.org, I came across the Google Earth API which ports many of the features found in the desktop gEarth app to the web via browser plug-in.  Now, instead of being limited to 2-D gMaps, developers can embed 3-D digital globes into websites.
One of the …

Behind the scenes with gAnalytics

Its been just over a month since I started using Google Analytics to learn more about how people interact with boilr.  In the last 33 days, 1167 visitors have come to the site from 380 cities in 54 countries.
The numbers themselves are unimportant, but the wealth of data collected about each hit is rather interesting.  …


Keeping sh*t organized

Yahoo! Widget – Day Planner-Calendar – is a free, easy, and effective way to stay organized.

This widget adds To-Do lists to your desktop, lets you set reminders and deadlines, and will also sync with your Google Calendar, enabling you to add tasks and events to your gCal.
In order to use it, you first need to …