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Add a unique signature for each email account in Gmail

Update: FYI – The add-on discussed below seems a bit finicky…works sometimes and not others.
One of my favorite features in Gmail is the ability to consolidate multiple email accounts into a single, much more manageable “parent” account. For more on how to setup multiple accounts within your default Gmail account, give this official Gmail …


How-to: Use Filters to Make Gmail More Organized

After a recent conversation with my sister, I realized there must be a lot of non-tech (i.e. ordinary folks) Gmail users who have yet to discover (let alone use) its built-in filter feature. Filters provide an incredibly effective tool for managing your ever-growing inbox.
Setting up a new filter is really quick and easy. …



The Cloud Command Center expands

SMS might have been delayed, but that didn’t stop Google from launching Gmail voice and video chat today.
Since Gmail’s inception 4+ yrs ago, Google has been pretty slow in bringing new functionality to its webmail…until recently.  Over the past several weeks however, Gmail has transformed into a versatile communications platform, centralizing the ability to interact …


The Cloud Command Center Redux

Update: Looks like everyone jumped the gun 🙁 . According to the official Gmail blog, this feature has been pulled due to bugs…should be back in “2 weeks” or so…
Only a few days since adding direct access to calendars and documents, Gmail Labs is rolling out yet another ‘experimental’ add-on – the ability to send …


The Cloud Command Center

The recent addition of gCal and gDocs gadgets to Gmail Labs effectively turns this incredibly popular webmail app into a true Cloud Command Center – complete with email, instant messaging, calendaring, and document viewing.
When combined with other Gmail “experiments” (i.e. right-side chat), users are able to reconfigure Gmail to better take advantage of these new …