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FF ext.: Tab Progress Bar shows the progress in the tab

If you can’t wait for Firefox 3.7 (currently Firefox is on release 3.5.5), which will move the page-loading progress bar from the bottom of your window to each individual tab, then simply install the free Firefox add-on, Tab Progress Bar.
Once this little extension is enabled, you will see how far along in the loading progress …


Hello FireTorrent, goodbye standalone torrent apps

Experimental Firefox add-on – FireTorrent – makes downloading BitTorrent files a breeze, while at the same time, rendering standalone BitTorrent clients (Vuze, LimeWire, etc) unnecessary.
FireTorrent offers “native integrated support for BitTorrent into Firefox with competitive download speeds.” Once installed, users can download torrent files the same as any other “regular” file downloads, right from Firefox.
It’s …


Minimize Firefox’s screen footprint

Optimize Firefox’s browsing screen-space with Fireline – a (self-named) cocktail of experimental FF ext. Hide Caption, add-on Tiny Menu, and a few other tweaks.
The resulting FF window is incredibly streamlined with a single,  multi-faceted toolbar on top (see above).  With or without the bookmarks toolbar and/or bottom status bar open, Fireline creates more room for …


Twitter me this…

While looking for a good way to share/catalog all the random interwebs news/stuff/crap I come across on a daily basis (that I don’t want or have time to formally blog about), I finally decided to give Twitter a spin.
I’ve always thought the concept of micro-blogging seemed like complete overkill. But now, I view Twitter more …


Keeping tabs on President 2.0

With just about 2 months left until President-elect Barack Obama gets sworn in as the 44th President of the USA, there is no shortage of Barack-news.  If you are looking for a quick and easy way (or alt. to previously mentioned iApp Obama ’08) to keep tabs on our technology-centric President-to-be, check out ObamaFox – …


A (Firefox) risk worth taking

The folks over at Mozilla are all about community development for Firefox add-ons.  So much so, they allow developers to release ‘Experimental Add-ons‘…aka extensions that function, but are still too buggy for general consumption.
GCal Popup is one such add-on.  Once installed, this great extension adds a gCal button to your FF status bar.  Click the …


Keeping tabs on your Tabs (Firefox)

Although not the first browser, Firefox brought tabbed browsing to the masses, enabling multiple sites to be opened within a single window – a real enhancement to web surfing.  However, the more tabs you open, the less manageable they become.
FF extension – Tabs Open Relative – helps solve this problem by placing all new tabs …


Back that App up!

The Firefox Environment Backup Extension (FEBE) is an absolute must-have add-on for all Mozilla Firefox users. This extremely useful extension enables users to create scheduled backups of all things Firefox – themes, extensions, plug-ins, passwords, histories, etc.
FEBE takes things one step further with the Compact Library Extension Organizer (CLEO). This additional extension allows …