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Groening on the future of Futurama and The Simpsons

In an effort to plug his new Futurama movie – Into the Wild Green Yonder – The Simpsons/Futurama creator, Matt Groening, sat down for an interview with CNN.
Among other things, Groening confirmed that Fox has signed on for at least two more seasons of The Simpsons. When pressed about the future of Futurama, …


Headline news: CNN makes much ado about nothing

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Following last year’s record-setting coverage of the 2008 Election and this year’s 2009 Inauguration, CNN remains at the top of its game, never seeming to miss a beat. Take this mornings headline – President Obama bumps his head – for example. Sounded like it might be serious and important news …


Headline news: Buy Obama, boost the economy

Relive history every time you sit down to a cup of coffee/tea/hot chocolate! That’s right. If you act now, this Set of Four Election & Inauguration Coffee Mugs can be yours for the low, low price of $44.95 (+ s/h)! That’s an incredible savings of $4.95 off the total retail value (if you were …


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Great news – hash browns for everyone!


Shirt of the Day

Great news for the Obama kids!

Shirt of the Day

Something to look forward to…


Shirt of the Day

Wonder where he got an idea like this?!
Sneaky dad McCain names newborn VP after Palin…


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Forget your economic woes / presidential concerns, we obviously have bigger fish to fry…


King takes note of Rock’s “unique” point

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It’s the economy, stupid…


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more insightful election coverage…