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The Cloud Command Center expands

SMS might have been delayed, but that didn’t stop Google from launching Gmail voice and video chat today.
Since Gmail’s inception 4+ yrs ago, Google has been pretty slow in bringing new functionality to its webmail…until recently.  Over the past several weeks however, Gmail has transformed into a versatile communications platform, centralizing the ability to interact …


The Cloud Command Center Redux

Update: Looks like everyone jumped the gun 🙁 . According to the official Gmail blog, this feature has been pulled due to bugs…should be back in “2 weeks” or so…
Only a few days since adding direct access to calendars and documents, Gmail Labs is rolling out yet another ‘experimental’ add-on – the ability to send …


The Cloud Command Center

The recent addition of gCal and gDocs gadgets to Gmail Labs effectively turns this incredibly popular webmail app into a true Cloud Command Center – complete with email, instant messaging, calendaring, and document viewing.
When combined with other Gmail “experiments” (i.e. right-side chat), users are able to reconfigure Gmail to better take advantage of these new …


Devil’s Advocate: Future of the Net

Is this the beginning of the end? or the end of the beginning?  Comcast’s recent bandwidth cap announcement has netizens across the interwebs abuzz with speculation about the future of the Net.
While some of us still remember the days of pay-per-hour access (from the likes of AOL, Prodigy, and Compuserve, to name a few), most …


Fb goes cloud w/ Facebook Connect

Facebook CEO M.Z. announced Fb’s new platform today:
Facebook Connect is our version of Facebook for the rest of the Web.
In other words, Fb is going to open its network and wealth of data (w/user permission) to partnering sites across the interwebs.
With Internet access becoming ever more prevalent, Facebook is angling to take on fellow cloud …