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New Super Mario Bros. Wii offers perfect mix of old and new

Whether you are a member of the Nintendo Generation or simply love timeless video games, the New Super Mario Bros. Wii does not disappoint.
This new take on an old classic is a fabulous mash-up of many of the best and most nostalgic elements of Super Mario Bros. 1, 2, and 3 with some new, …


Where the Wild Things Are brings imagination to life

Unless you live on a cloud (no, not that cloud), you are fully aware that Maurice Sendak’s revered and beloved children’s story – Where the Wild Things Are – has been (tastefully) adopted for the big screen by Spike Jonze (director of such films as Being John Malkovich and Adaptation).


HD Walk-through: California Academy of Sciences GGP

Anyone who knows me, knows I love my SF neighborhood – Inner Sunset – more than the average Fog City citizen. A large part of the love comes from my close proximity (2 blocks) to one of the world’s best public, urban green spaces – Golden Gate Park. The recent opening (well, I guess not …

sanyo xacti cg10

Review: Sanyo Xacti VPC-CG10 HD 10MP Dual Camera

As promised, here is a more in-depth look @ the Sanyo Xacti VPC-CG10 HD 10MP pistol-grip “Dual Camera.” I picked mine up for just shy of $200 (w/ free 2GB SD card from Costco) back in July in anticipation of an upcoming trip to Australia. Besides the lack of optical image stabilization (more on that …


Quick Look: Sanyo Xacti VPC-CG10 HD “Dual Camera”

I recently bought a Sanyo Xacti VPC-CG10 High Definition “Dual Camera” in anticipation of an upcoming trip to Australia. I was looking for an inexpensive (sub $200) HD video camera with optical zoom (as opposed to something like the Flip MinoHD which has digital zoom only) to compliment my Nikon dSLR, so I’m giving …


Best of the Bay: Little Lucca Specialty Sandwich Shop

I’ve been meaning to write this review since the first time I had the extraordinary pleasure to taste the delicious sandwich offerings @ Little Lucca in South San Francisco over two years ago. (Thanks CD)
Now that I’ve had a chance to sample a few different varieties from this delicious hole-in-the-wall, I can honestly say that …


Public Enemies: Classic Depp, Solid Action, Well Done

Michael Mann’s latest biopic – Public Enemies – about the infamous 1930’s bank robber, John Dillinger, is well done.
This should come as no surprise. The combination of a fascinating story (albeit a somewhat superficial one) about one of America’s most successful criminals, Johnny Depp’s always-fantastic acting (although not his best performance), solid action complete …


iApps: Become a Pinball Wizard with Wild West Pinball

Own an iPod touch / iPhone? Like pinball? Then do yourself a favor and download Wild West Pinball. This is one of those games that really shines on the iDevice platform. It feels just like a pinball machine (well, as close to one as possible given the device) and is incredibly addictive.
Unlike a lot …

hearts of darkness

DVD: Hearts of Darkness: A Filmmaker’s Apocalypse

Francis Ford Coppola’s Apocalypse Now has been one of my favorite films of all time since the first time I watched it many years ago. While I may not have been alive during the Vietnam War, that doesn’t prevent me from being able to appreciate spectacular film making when I see it. Thus, it should …


Review: iPod touch (2G) with 3.0 Software Update

I’ve had a chance to use and explore the 3.0 Software Update for iPod touch over the last few days. It’s worth noting that I never expected the new and improved features to be life-altering…and they’re not. With that said, the features I was most looking forward to – landscape keyboard, spotlight search, cut copy …