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Moto X: The pocketwatch of smartphones

Having originally dismissed the Moto X when it came out, I unexpectedly found myself considering Motorola’s recent Cyber Monday deal. For $349 (30% off the usual $499) unlocked and off-contract, the idea of keeping my unlimited data plan and maintaining my upgrade eligibility on Verizon without signing a new contract became very intriguing. Not to …


Instagram for Android: Take back your filtered squares

Love it or hate it, Instagram has made (gratuitous use of) filters the norm and changed how folks share mobile photos. For most of the app’s lifespan, Instagram was only available for iOS… until recently, when it finally became available for Android. Despite all the outcries from iOS fanboys enthusiasts, the recent addition of Android …


How-to: Get better battery life from your Galaxy Nexus

As smartphones continue to evolve – bigger displays, faster processors, higher speed data networks, etc. – one things remains the same: the need for ever-longer battery life. The good news is, however, there plenty of ways to squeeze every last ounce of power out of your device’s battery without too much hassle.
So you’ve got …


How-To: Combine ‘Phone’ and ‘Google’ Contacts on Android

If you’re like me, you didn’t realize that adding new contacts to your Android device under ‘Phone’ would come back to haunt you should you lose your phone or change to a different device. Luckily, despite all my failed attempts in the past, it turns out there is a pretty easy way to combine ‘phone’ …


Update HTC Droid Incredible to latest Gingerbread (4.08.605.2)

If you own a HTC Droid Incredible and have had (major) issues updating your device to Gingerbread, you’re definitely not alone.
As previously noted, Verizon/HTC tried to roll-out Gingerbread (Android 2.3) to the original Incredible a few months back only to end up pulling it due to bugs. Then, last week, they tried again with a …


Wordfeud: A better, seemingly safer alternative to WordWise

Several months back, I wrote about how I thought WordWise was the best Scrabble-like Android app available. Well that was then, and this is now.
As that post notes at the top, several changes were made to WordWise over the last many updates. Sure, frequent updates and feature additions are generally welcome, but not always.
While …


Camera360 brings HDR and other camera effects to Android

What can I say, I’m a sucker for contrast. I’ve always admired high contrast, black and white photographs. More recently, I’ve developed a thing for high dynamic range (aka HDR) images; I simply can’t get enough of ’em.
While Apple has recently-ish added the ability to take native HDR images to its iThings, Android’s stock camera …



Keep tabs on San Francisco microclimates with Android

San Francisco is a city of distinct neighborhoods…and microclimates. As anyone who has ever lived here knows all too well, the weather literally changes from block to block. Love it or hate it, that’s just the way it is.
The problem with most weather reports is their lack of specificity – you enter a city or …


Inspired by nature: Protect your Droid Incredible with a shell

Previously, I wrote about how much I liked Verizon’s generic silicone case for the HTC Droid Incredible. I stand by that post, but I’ve also found a worthy replacement – the HTC Droid Incredible Shell Holster Combo.
I’m not one to use a phone holster (more on that later), but the sub-$10 shell/holster combo is a …


Tracking the official VZW HTC Droid Incredible OTA update

Whereas last time proved to be pure BS, this time…the update is for real. Yet, it still seems to be taking VZW what feels like forever to push the over-the-air to Droid Incredibles all across the ol’ U S of A.
So what gives? Well, not much really. The following collection of official VZW Support Tweets …