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How-to: Get Google Earth on your HTC Incredible

Update: Not sure when it showed up, but Google Earth now appears in the Android Market. If you followed the directions below (or elsewhere) to install Google Earth on your Droid Incredible, you will most likely need to uninstall the unofficial version before installing the official version from the Market.
So you just got yourself …


iPad, SchmiPad. Netflix is coming to the iPod touch too.

Today is the day of the iPad – a “magical and revolutionary product at an unbelievable price” says Apple. Great. It’s not that I wouldn’t enjoy owning and/or using one, it’s just that I don’t have $499-829 of disposable income lying around here at the moment.
So what is a poor iPod touch owner supposed …


How-To: Access online content offline on the iPod touch

Clearly, the biggest (and most obvious) drawback to the iPod touch is the lack of always-on Internet access. But then again, there are no data fees and the ithing does most everything else that its fancy big brother, iPhone, can do.
But what about using the iPod touch offline, like the headline promises?! Enter Instapaper, …


Ninite’s multiple app installer makes new PC setup a breeze

Over the weekend I took the plunge and installed Windows 7 Professional on my Studio XPS. Starting with a brand new hard drive and a Windows 7 installation DVD made for a surprisingly pleasant upgrade experience. The whole ordeal (installing both the new drive and Windows 7) took less than an hour, an unbelievable improvement …


Update: TomTom’s GPS app now works with the iPod touch

Man, has TomTom flip-flopped (more than either major political party on the last few campaigns) as to whether its iPhone GPS app + dock will / will not work with the other iGuy – the iPod touch. Well, as of yesterday, it seems that the latest update to the iApp (v1.2) has brought good news …


FF ext.: Tab Progress Bar shows the progress in the tab

If you can’t wait for Firefox 3.7 (currently Firefox is on release 3.5.5), which will move the page-loading progress bar from the bottom of your window to each individual tab, then simply install the free Firefox add-on, Tab Progress Bar.
Once this little extension is enabled, you will see how far along in the loading progress …

Mozilla Firefox: Celebrating 5 Years of Better Browsing




Turn your iPod touch into a wireless touchpad, for free!

There are all sorts of reasons why you might want to control your computer from across the room, i.e. remotely. For instance, when I can’t catch my favorite sports teams on TV, I will often connect my laptop to my TV to stream the game (via on the big screen. Being able to control …


Uh oh: TomTom Car Kit may not work with iPod touch

Update: More bad news folks – Engadget Mobile got word that the pricing is incorrect, i.e. it will NOT come with the app, and no mention of iPod touch 🙁 .
The highly anticipated TomTom Car Kit made a brief appearance online in the Euro Apple Store earlier today. Although no longer up for pre-order, the …


PoddoX: The easy way to extract music from your iPod

There are plenty of reasons why you might want/need to extract music files from your trusty iPod. Maybe your computer crashed, taking your entire precious digital music collection with it beyond the blue screen of death. Whatever the reason, you can’t accomplish the “reverse add,” i.e. extract, via iTunes.
Luckily, there are a variety of freeware …