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Tracking the official VZW HTC Droid Incredible OTA update

Whereas last time proved to be pure BS, this time…the update is for real. Yet, it still seems to be taking VZW what feels like forever to push the over-the-air to Droid Incredibles all across the ol’ U S of A.
So what gives? Well, not much really. The following collection of official VZW Support Tweets …


The real truth about Wookies…

via BuzzFeed


How-to: Run your own URL shortener with YOURLS

URL shorteners have become quite a thing over the past couple years. The ability to shorten an unwieldy URL can be really helpful in a variety of situations, be it in a Tweet, sharing via email, or to maintain a more obvious link to a favorite site or posting.
There are no shortage of options available …