WD TV: Pre-release 1.03.01 firmware now available

1.03That’s right, folks. 1.03.01 has hit the web, er WD’s official pre-release site. The new beta firmware includes the following fixes/additions/updates:

Prerelease 1.03.01 (includes all previously released updates)

Resolved Issues:

* Resolved the language displayed as OFF when English was selected
* Resolved the “Contains” button displayed as “ContainsWWW” in the search function
* Resolved MKV audio which was out of sync with the video
* Resolved slow rendering of Greek subtitles in Greek character encoding mode
* Resolved disappearance of Korean subtitle during video playback
* Resolved missing characters from the Greek subtitle font
* Resolved playback issues with VC-1 codec in an MKV container
* Resolved gain being applied to audio output that resulted in signal clipping
* Resolved playlists playing audio tracks in alphabetical order by playing them in track order
* Resolved the appearance of tracks in alphabetical order by displaying them in track order
* Resolved the spacing issue seen in Korean subtitles during video playback

New features:

* Added support for video playlists functions which were limited to music files only
* Added support for the drive lock function on the new My Passport™ and My Book® external storage devices

To download 1.03.01, click over to the WD TV product update pre-release site. And remember, there’s a reason why it’s called a pre-release as WD explains, “this is beta firmware so use it at your own risk. If you are not comfortable with this, please wait for the final version.”