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Apparently a few newspapers have been online since 1981, who knew?

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Flight of the Conchords announce 2009 Spring US Tour

Flight of the Conchords, everyone’s favorite NZ comedy/music duo, has announced a 2009 Spring US Tour.  They will be performing some 37 shows all across this great land (and Canada), starting in Tampa, FL (of all places) on April 6, 2009 and ending in (my backyard) Berkeley, CA on May 25, 2009.
Tickets go on sale …


JCCIC (finally) sends email reply, asks for name and address (again)

If you attempted to attend (i.e. were denied access with a purple, blue, or silver ticket) the 56th Presidential Inauguration, and have yet to contact the Joint Congressional Committee on Inaugural Ceremonies, be sure to put your name and address at the top (above your well-crafted, tasteful retelling of the incidents/obstacles you faced on Jan. …


What do Thomas Paine, Oprah, Tom Selleck, and I all have in common?

No, it’s not Common Sense (or at least that type of common sense), a great mustache, or fame 😉 . Today is the anniversary of the day in which we were all respectively born – a.k.a. it’s our birthday!
Ah, January 29.  Is there really any other day like it? Oh right, the other 364 days. …

Catch up on LOST with ABC’s “Starter Kit”

Or let Hurley explain the first 4 seasons of LOST in under 1.5 minutes (below)…



Finally! The Simpsons go HD on February 15, 2009

Mark your calendar and set your DVR! America’s favorite animated family – The Simpsons – are (finally) making their high-definition debut on February 15, 2009 in an episode titled “Take My Life, Please.”
I’m gonna go out on a limb and guess that this sudden move to HD has some connection with the pending (now possibly …


One week later: Lots of talk, lots of emails, not so much else

It’s been a week since the frustrating and (mostly) avoidable situation unfolded for thousands of purple, blue, and silver ticket holders in our Nation’s capital.  As I keep trying reiterate (and I clearly can’t speak for everyone), all of us purple people are still talking about the Inauguration not because we want retribution (or to …


Close, but no cigar: An overhead view of Purple Gate

I thought it would be helpful to post this overhead view (original image via PopSci) of the 2009 Inauguration for all of the (lucky) people who were not part of Purple Gate so that you could get an idea of both how close we were (and yet unable to see or hear anything) and to …


Rejected ticket holders should definitely contact the JCCIC

According to the Washington Post (which is quoting an internal congressional staffer email), purple (blue and silver) ticket holders who were denied access on Jan. 20, 2009 should not only email the JCCIC @ [email protected] with your stories and information to assist in the investigation, but also need to include your name and address if …


JCCIC to console rejected ticket holders with “consolation gifts”

Update: The AP posted a short piece late last night – Blocked ticket holders to get inaugural items
Local Washington, DC TV station, NBC4, is reporting that those of us who never made it in to see Obama’s Inauguration this past Tuesday will be given “consolation prizes” in exchange for the extremely frustrating/disappointing hardships we faced.
Those …