Monthly archives: January, 2008


Finally, LOST is found (temporarily)!

The 4th season premiere of (my absolute favorite series) LOST airs tonight on ABC @ 9pm. A one-hour recap show is being shown the hour before to get both Losties and non-Losties alike caught up on the last three years of sheer madness.
After watching last season’s finale last night, I am super excited for …



Less printing = more trees, more $$

I just stumbled across GreenPrint. The company aims to reduce the amount of wasted paper and ink by allowing users (currently Windows only) to send each print job through its GreenPrint World software.

The standalone program was recently released as freeware for home (non-commercial) users. After a quick installation, GreenPrint will appear as one …


Another reason to hate speed bumps!

A recent study by the UK’s AA motoring group has documented proof that speed bumps (aka speed humps in the UK) directly effect a car’s MPG.
Researchers found that a car capable of achieving 58mpg fuel economy when cruising at an uninterrupted 30mph speed would only deliver 31mpg when it’s forced to slow down for a …


There ain’t No Country for Old Men

I don’t even know where to start with this film. I spent all day yesterday (after seeing a 1:35pm matinée) thinking about whether I liked No Country for Old Men or not.
With all the rave reviews, both from critics and friends, I had unusually high expectations for the latest Coen Brothers’ movie. …


Smartphones – what a novel idea!?

This past Tuesday, the USPTO issued a patent for a “Mobile entertainment and communication device.”

As a student of intellectual property (disclaimer: I’ve yet to take a proper course in Patents), this new patent seems extremely suspect. One of the fundamental elements in obtaining a patent is that the invention be novel.
Through the strenuous process …


Ready, Set, Tesla Roadster

Tesla Motors is set to begin production on its long-awaited Roadster on March 17, 2008. The initial batch of Roadsters will be slightly less than perfect, sporting a work-around transmission, increasing the all-electric sports car’s 0-60 time from 4 seconds to 5.7 seconds.
Tesla is promising to retrofit earlier cars at no cost once it’s …


Throw away your television (provider)

As pointed out on numerous blogs and new media sites, the continuing Writers Guild of America strike may represent a tipping point in the future of TV (in America) as we know it.
With online media outlets springing up like weeds, more and more people turn to the web to catch their favorite shows. It …


When all else fails…

Probably the most [email protected]@$$ USB hub out there – the USB Doomsday Device Hub has “three levels of failsafe protection” (and 4 USB 2.0 ports).
If sh*t hits the fan, flip the 2 switches, insert and turn your authorized key, and push the glowing red button. What happens next is anyones guess…
(available @ ThinkGeek)


Inspector Gadget’s iPhone spotted in the wild

Some things just deserve to be posted (and re-posted), regardless of their actual utility. One such gadget is the Conice 6×18 Zoom Attachment for iPhone. Wow, with a name like that…

Anyways, this hilarious Inspector Gadget-like accessory will enable those savvy iPhone detectives to better photograph their unsuspecting targets from unspecified distances. Why …


Less worky, more golfy

What’s better than doing your work/homework? Procrastinating, of course! Say hello to your new partner in crime, the World Golf Tour.

After playing my first round, I can definitely see how this game could become a serious distraction.
The game is still only a demo; in its current state, you play nine holes of a closest-to-the-pin competition…A …