Monthly archives: June, 2007


Rats in the kitchen

Pixar has strung together 7 consecutive box-office winners. Ratatouille is no exception.
As a big fan of the studio’s work, I had some pretty high expectations going into the movie tonight. In the end, I was not disappointed. Was it the best Pixar movie? No. Was it better than almost all of the garbage coming …


A wonderful, magical animal

It’s funny…for someone who doesn’t eat breakfast on a regular basis, I sure love breakfast foods!
A few weeks ago I was out in the Mission looking for somewhere to have brunch/lunch. We ended up choosing the Pork Store Cafe, on a whim. This place, while maybe not the best ever, definitely knows how to …


Good Times, Bad Times

T-Mobile has just rolled out a new service: HotSpot @Home. This service allows their customers’ cellphones to automatically switch from the T-Mobile cellular network onto their specially configured home wi-fi network seamlessly.
What’s the big deal you ask? Well for one thing, once you have jumped onto your (or any other authorized) wi-fi network, the …


@ World’s End

What can I say…I happen to enjoy the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise. I generally go into movies with zero expectations and remember being pleasantly surprised by The Curse of the Black Pearl. It was rather entertaining with all the pirate humor, incredible scenery, and sword fighting. The 2nd, Dead Man’s …